28May, 2017

5 Almost Obvious Challenges That Web Hosting Businesses Would Take on in 2017

If the current trends show a strong indication of the future then in 2017 we are going to see many small businesses and companies that will look for a strong web presence just like their established business counterparts. With more and more businesses jumping in, the web hosting companies will be facing some new challenges that they will have to adapt to.

As per one of the recent statistics, total number of websites is 4.6 billion as of March 2016 compared to 1 billion in January 2014. This itself shows a huge increase, which is only going north from here. Let us take a look at the challenges you as a web hosting company are likely to face in 2017 in order to sustain and grow in this very volatile, fiercely competitive yet rewarding industry of web hosting.


  1. Legal Tussles: Web hosts like you allow your customers to host images, video and content, but rarely do you get time to see what is being uploaded to your server on a daily basis. The laws that govern Internet itself are in revolution as we speak but as per what we have now the server owner, which is you can be held responsible for what is being uploaded by your customers. You are likely to see a considerable rise in the number of issues related to data protection and defamatory content.
  2. Mobile Device and Cloud Security: There’s a dearth of assessing cyber threats within the mobile devices and cloud applications. Mobile device and cloud security will continue to be a major challenge and may get even worse throughout 2017 and also the following few years to come.
  3. Customer Support: Irrespective of how great a hosting company and how big it is, it is often noticed that with the growth of the company the quality of customer support starts lagging behind. It is always a big overhead to hire new staffs and streamline support, but it is also one of the important factors to be considered. As a web host, you should realize that a happy customer may or may not help you much apart from continuing availing your services, but an unhappy customer can make it a point to tarnish your reputation every where possible.
  4. The Hovering Clouds: Ok, we know that clouds have come and they have come in a big way. More importantly, they will stay for a long time. Now traditional web hosting companies have offered dedicated, VPS and shared hosting for years. But Bluehost, iPage, HostGator and Amazon along with many other big players are offering the very robust and scalable hosting solutions through cloud technology. Competing with something like this can be a huge challenge.
  5. Website Latency: This is going to be a big problem. In fact, it already is. All leading search engines including Google are paying special attention to the load time of websites and this is mostly based on users browsing the websites. Latency along with bottlenecks both in hardware and the network are big issues. Customers are getting more and more aware of the importance of speed at which their website loads. This also means that you may have to spend more on upgrading server, which is already full of client websites.