How Will Choosing a Wrong Hosting Service Affect You?

Choosing a reliable web hosting company is the most important decision you take when building a website. A wrong service provider can impact you in the following way. Loss of Revenue – Downtime is the moment when a browser cannot access your website, which can last from few seconds to several hours. This is that time when you can lose many of your potential customers. […]

09Jun, 2017

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Host before Registering

Whether you’ve just realized that it’s important for your website to get a hosting service or just looking forward to change your current hosting provider, there are several factors based on which you can evaluate them. Here are few questions that you should ask them before signing up and evaluate them based on their response. What are the technical specifications or limitations of your hosting […]

28May, 2017

5 Almost Obvious Challenges That Web Hosting Businesses Would Take on in 2017

If the current trends show a strong indication of the future then in 2017 we are going to see many small businesses and companies that will look for a strong web presence just like their established business counterparts. With more and more businesses jumping in, the web hosting companies will be facing some new challenges that they will have to adapt to. As per one […]