03Nov, 2016

Dotster Review

Based in Washington, Dotster happens to be one of the web hosting solution providers that offers a diverse selection of features at an affordable price. Their starter web hosting package costs just $5.25/month, while the standard package costs about $7.61/month, and comes with all the necessary hosting features.

The salient features of their web hosting package include a user-friendly control panel, free domain registration for life, free website builder, site counters, photo albums and blog set-up, along with audio and video streaming facilities. Additionally, Dotster also offers an anti-spam filter, Pop/Webmail, as well as FrontPage plug-ins.

As far as the technological support of the hosting package is concerned, their web servers support CGI-bin, ASP.Net, Perl, and PHP. Looking at the positive aspects of their web hosting services, they offer the flexibility of hosting ASP.NET based websites even with the basic plan, while they also maintain very high uptime as well. The custom control panel offered by Dotster is yet another attractive feature of their package, which has been reported to load without any errors even upon rigorous testing.

Coming to the downsides of their services, unfortunately the live chat and Telephone support for domain registration is available only on limited times during weekdays rather than 24/7. However, the regular toll free support is available round the clock. But, the company also limits the number of email addresses, mailbox sizes, MySql databases, FTP accounts, and the add-on/sub-domains. So, this may be an area of concern for the heavy email users,


Furthermore, there are several plans to choose from, and even the basic plan comes with all the necessary features for hosting a good website effortlessly. If you consider the downtimes suffered by their customers in last couple of years, you’ll hardly find a few talking about the occasional short-downtimes (most of the customers haven’t even realised those).

The support team of Dotster is pretty co-operative and they’ve been known to answer 99% of the queries of the customers on most occasions, but the fact that they don’t offer support on weekends, may be a little unwelcome thing and possibly an area of concern for those who run very high traffic websites, online stores and sensitive stuff that may require immediate attention even on weekends.

While most of the web hosting companies encourage the customers to buy package for longer times (for instance 3 to 5 years), by offering low rates only for long term packages, Dotster renders affordable web hosting packages even for shorter durations like 3 to 12months.