01Oct, 2016


Globat is considered as one of the world leaders in providing top-notch web hosting solutions. It has been in operation since 2001, and today it is one of the most established web-hosting companies.

They offer top quality web hosting solutions at an affordable price and boast of numerous satisfied customers. As a matter of fact, the company is currently serving more than 100,000 customers throughout the world. The stats clearly show the standards of the quality of the web hosting services provided by the Globat, as they have established such a huge customer-base of over a million customers across the world, within just 7 years.

There are mainly two important hosting plans offered by the Globat. They are Terabyte XS as well as Terabyte Xtreme. The Terabyte XS provides 5000 GB of disk space. The bandwidth is about two terabytes (2000 GB) and the monthly charges of $18.95 are applicable for this plan. This offer comes with a one year warranty period, and includes unlimited accounts for the webmail as well as unlimited POP3 e-mails.


Except these, the Terabyte XS also provides the stellar support system, which includes the online 24/7 chat system, as well as the telephone system, round the clock. The Terabyte Xtreme plan offers 1000 GB of storage space with 1 GB of bandwidth at a reasonable price of just $6.95 per month. This package allows the customers to host up to ten domains with a single account. Like the Terabyte XS, the Xtreme plan also comes with a one year money-back guaranteed period as well as unlimited webmail or e–mail accounts.

This web hosting company is quite rich in terms of quality features and they offer these feature-rich web hosting packages, well complemented by high quality technical support and top quality customer service support system. Hence, Globat is considered as a formidable player amongst all the big web hosting industries operating across the world.

What’s more, Globat also offers a great support system, and a handy FAQ section covering almost all the frequently asked questions by the customers. Hence, all the usual issues as well as queries can be resolved online without further delay. The one-year money-back guarantee also displays the reliability of the company as well.

The web hosting packages offered by Globat are extremely handy for the online business owners who require massive storage space, and their web hosting packages are a bit costly for the newbies.