04Oct, 2016

GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy has been of the most renowned names in the web hosting industry since past 12 years or so. Right from their web hosting services down to the advertisements, GoDaddy has been the buzzword for many years.

GoDaddy offers fast, secure and reliable web servers, along with plenty of goodies right from support to the latest technologies like Ruby-on-Rails, Microsoft Silverlight, down to cPanel, free website builder, unlimited monthly bandwidth and storage.

The chances are high that you must have heard the name of GoDaddy even if you’ve no connection with the web hosting industry, while the big shots in the web hosting industry are either closely related to GoDaddy or happen to be their arch rivals.

Coming back to the shared web hosting package offered by GoDaddy, the customers can transfer domains for free from one GoDaddy account to the other, which is extremely resourceful option for those who frequently buy/sell websites and are forced to bear the transfer charges otherwise.

Moreover, the web hosting package offered by GoDaddy can cater to the needs of newbies as well as the biggest players in the industry, while their high quality 24/7 support has always been the highlight of their web hosting services.

Finally, you get the goodness of tech supremacy, support, free domain transfer, and other impressive features, along with the opportunity to participate in regular auctions, and buy websites at low rates.

Even if you wish to sell your website someday, you can put it on auction and get a reasonable price for the same. All in all, GoDaddy offers a comprehensive web hosting solution, and features that are virtually unmatched.

What’s more, they offer loads of promotional offers from time to time, and allow their customers to save up to 20-40% on domain registration, renewal and other activities. You can avail humpty discounts by finding some handy discount coupon codes released by GoDaddy on specific occasions.

However, just as every coin has a flip side, despite all the goodness of GoDaddy, folks have reported that some of the good domain names are booked by GoDaddy secretly, whenever a person searches it via their domain search tool and doesn’t book it within next 24hours or so. Thereafter, these domains are sold in auctions, or at a premium price, which is much higher than the usual domain registration price.

So, you may want to keep this in mind, if you’re thinking about searching a domain name on GoDaddy.com and getting it registered after a few days.