19Oct, 2016

Hostrocket Review

Hostrocket is a well known name in the web hosting arena, which has been constantly growing ever since its foundation in 1999. The headquarters of company are located at Clifton Park, New York.  The value, support, technology and 24/7/365 availability have been the primary goals and in turn the strength of Hostrocket.

This web hosting company has strived hard in past 10years to render immaculate hosting services and they’re continuing the same in order to compete with the big guns like GoDaddy and BlueHost.

Hostrocket is also known for keeping in continuous touch with its customer-base to inform them about the last development and growth of Hostrocket as a web hosting industry.

Hostrocket offers web hosting services in various plans. Looking at their standard plan, you get storage space of 106 GB, FTP access, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, ability to host unlimited sub-domains and many more attractive features.


Some other facilities such as easy operation of the control panel, operating more than ten websites with a single account (with the addition of a new account each month) have turned out to be really useful for the customers, and these services are only provided by Hostrocket exclusively.

The customer support team and the section of frequently asked questions on their website is more than enough to solve all kinds of doubts of the customers. And as a whole, they offer 24/7 phone as well as e-mail support system, customer support forums, as a part of their support, while the dedicated server system is yet another unique facility provided by Hostrocket.

The company also offers money back guarantee up to 30 days, and this commitment reflects the reliable nature of the company. As per the stats, the unsatisfied customers of the Hostrocket’s web hosting services have been very minimal. If the customers are found unsatisfied, company has always been more than willing to return them the service charges, showing great gesture of the professionalism.

Moreover, the company also offers a great number of advanced features right from one-click installation scripts down to e-commerce related stuff. As far as the downsides of Hostrocket are concerned, pricing is definitely not something that one may complaint about, though there are occasional longer downtimes ( usually 2-3times in a year), and if you’re planning to host an online store or a very high traffic website then this might be a big area of concern. For the normal users who can survive those odd hours of downtimes, Hostrocket is simply a great choice.