21Oct, 2016

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion offers an efficient hosting plan comprising of 1500 GB disk space, 15,000 GB bandwidth, 2,500 POP3 e-mail, free domain registration, free site builder and setup as well as lot more at just $6.95/month.

Basically, the disk space and bandwidth is enormous and virtually unlimited as long as you don’t really plan to host a website of calibre of WikiPedia, EzineArticles, Twitter or FaceBook. They have a decent history of hosting excellence, and their basic entry-level plan comes with all sorts of facilities right from weblog, e-commerce support, down to design and streaming feature, while some of the other hosts only provide these services as a part of their business/premium hosting plans.

Even the website owners with very little or literally no prior experience in web programming can make use of the free website builder and create a lively site, which can match the standards of any decent website over the internet.

Only a few customers can overrun the massive limits of 1500 GB disk space, 15,000 GB bandwidth and 2,500 POP3 e-mail accounts, so even with their entry level plan one can run top notch website that attracts high traffic. Their uninterrupted web hosting services with virtually cent percent uptime guarantee have been truly appreciated by the customers worldwide and very rarely do the people report/complain about long downtimes.


The tech/customer support team of InMotion is also well trained and well behaved to answer all the queries of their customers in a graceful manner (unlike some annoying ones that you may come across)

Therefore, those who need a basic website to start off with web entrepreneurship may try InMotion’s amazing web hosting services, but at the same time even those customers who demand advanced stuff like Virtual Dedicated Servers can easily manage all their hosting needs with InMotion’s premium package.

If you compare the features offered in the basic web hosting package of InMotion with the other hosts, the chances are high that you may fail to find a better deal at this cost. As a matter of fact, very rarely do any of the web hosting providers offer such high level features in their basic hosting package.

Therefore, rather than putting money on an irresponsible and substandard host, it would be definitely a wise idea to try the web hosting services offered by InMotion. Till date, there hasn’t been any common major area of concern/discontentment amongst the customers, which is one of the best things about them.